A Denbighshire egg farm is keeping their 30,000 hens warm by laying with a massive solar array on their roofs whilst energy prices to continue to soar.

Bruce and Catrin Jones made the major investment at their farm Braich yr Alarchin against the backdrop of rapidly energy bills that threaten the business.

They installed 284 solar PV panels to keep their hens at the ideal 20 degrees. The farm is located 1,000 feet up on the edge of Mynydd Hiraethog so when winter temperatures hit below zero, the hens will stay at their ideal temperature. 

The on-farm installation will generate over 100,000 kilowatt hours of electricity a year, this is enough to power 25 homes.

Bruce said “We didn’t consider solar when we set up the business and were pay 11.2p a unit for our electricity but now that it’s costing more than twice that it helping us massively.

Especially as other prices are going up as well – we use 216 tons of feed a month and that has just gone up to £40 a ton and at the same time the price we get for eggs hasn’t changed.

But the new solar system has cost us £80,000 and has been running for a few weeks but it will pay for itself in four years and guaranteed for 25”. 


What are the benefits of installing renewable energy?

As energy price continue to increase, farmers and business owners are looking at different ways of reducing their monthly bills. One option can be installing renewable energy assets such as solar panels and biomass boilers – producing your own power and making your farm self efficient.

solar panels

As well as producing your own power, you will also be reducing your carbon footprint. 

When it comes to buying renewable assets, you can opt to purchase them outright or on finance. Going down the finance route will allow you to retain capital and pay for them in affordable monthly instalments.

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