Technological advances in agriculture accelerated after the end of World War II. Farmers started to depend more on machines than humans.

After all, it takes a tractor 1 day to do what takes 100 people 1 week. There’s no going back from that.

But we’re now taking another step further, with driverless agricultural machinery.

The rapid improvement of technology and the increasing labour shortage is what led to Home Farm Nacton, in Suffolk, invest in the Danish autonomous tractor.

What does the autonomous tractor do?

The autonomous tractor is called ROBOTTI, it weighs less than a tractor and therefore minimises the impact on soil and the environment, this provides a higher crop yield per hectare and as a result helps the farming economy. 

The robot is autonomously controlled by a computer and is based upon the owner’s input, it then follows an optimized routine and can operate continuously, allowing the owner to press on with other activities. It is CE marked and can be safely left in the field to work.

ROBOTTI has a three-point hitch and PTO which means the robot can be fitted with standard implements and perform different tasks. Some examples of what the robot can do are; seeding, weeding, harrowing, grass cutting, rotavating, power harrowing and spraying. 

robotti agrointelli autonomous tractor
ROBOTTI at Home Farm Nacton

Who created ROBOTTI?

AGROINTELLI are a Danish based agri-tech company. In 2010, Kongslide took on the project, but in 2015, AGROINTELLI, a breakaway company was formed and it was at this point that the project really gathered pace.

Thus far, there has been proven success with 15 working autonomous tractors across Europe and a total of 50 are in production to be working on farms by the end of the year.

What are the UK distribution plans?

Two agricultural engineering graduates happened upon AGROINTELLI at Agritechnica in 2019 whilst on a study tour.

ROBOTTI instantly caught their eye, from the lightweight design to the simplicity of it.

Both Tom Beach and Jack Wyatt of Autonomous Agri Solutions have a clear goal in mind, to propel the UK into the fourth agricultural revolution.

AAS are now the UK representatives for the autonomous tractor. They are working hard to bring more of the machines into the country.

autonomous tractor robotti in the uk
One of our directors, Scott Williams trying out ROBOTTI

Amplo Agricultural Finance have been working alongside Autonomous Agri Solutions to help supply the finance for customers who are investing in the new technology. We had the absolute pleasure of seeing ROBOTTI in action at Home Farm Nacton.