Repowering of Northern Ireland

Sourcing you finance for your new and upgraded wind turbines.

In 2020, 49.2% of total electricity consumption in Northern Ireland was generated from renewable sources located in Northern Ireland

Are you looking to replace your existing wind turbines with newer, more efficient ones? However, not sure how you’re going to be able to finance it? That’s where we’ll step in. We’re working closely with a reputable lender to provide a finance solution for the Repowering Northern Ireland scheme.

What is Repowering of Northern Ireland?

Repowering Northern Ireland is the process of replacing existing wind turbines with more efficient and newer wind turbines. Under the Northern Ireland Renewables Obligation scheme, many farmers and business owners installed second hand refurbished wind turbines. Now several years into the project and due to the age of some of the refurbished wind turbines, project owners are now seeing the benefits of newer more efficient wind turbines.

Repowering Northern Ireland - Wind Turbines

The Benefits of Repowering of Northern Ireland

  • Opportunity to make your wind turbine farm more efficient
  • Reduce the risk of O+M issues with aging turbines
  • Improve turbine performance and increase returns
  • Potential to improve the quality and reliability of exported power
  • Give your insurer more peace of mind – this may lead to reduced insurance costs

How can we help?

Wind turbines can be financed through a Hire Purchase or Loan facility over a maximum of 84 months. We have an excellent working relationship with a leading lender who can provide a finance solution for the Repowering Northern Ireland scheme.

As well as wind turbines, we’re also able to arrange finance for other renewable energy sources such as solar panels, anaerobic digesters, biomass boilers and ground source heat pumps.

At Amplo, are always happy to have an interesting discussion about Wind Turbines and your plan to becoming more efficient. Call us on 01270 443510 or head over to our Contact Us page.

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