Renewable Energy

Putting the climate first.

According to the NFU, one in three farmers said that financing renewable energy projects was the biggest barrier to them entering one of the fastest growing second revenue streams for the UK agricultural sector.

As part of the Government’s pledge to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by 80% before 2050 in order to help tackle climate change, we are keen to help businesses meet the challenge of reducing their carbon footprint, by investing in renewable energy technologies.

What Renewable Energy can we finance?

What finance products are available?

The max term available for most Renewable Energy is 84 months and can be financed through Hire Purchase (HP), Lease agreements or Refinance.

renewable energy

How can Refinancing Renewable Energy help you?

By releasing the capital held in existing renewable technologies such as Wind Turbines or Solar Panels, you can:

  • Purchase new assets
  • Fund growth in your business
  • Improve cash flow

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What We Do

At Amplo Agricultural Finance we aim to provide a modern and creative approach to farmers who are facing an ever-changing and challenging climate. We do this through finance solutions that help you scale and grow your business.
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