The International Agricultural Fair is an annual show for Farmers to offer their important insight into farming and rural life, it gives them a welcome release to celebrate the industry.

The purpose of the fair is for farmers to show off their hard work and effort, the livestock is admired by the 1,000’s exhibitors from all different countries and then someone’s animal will be honoured for that year’s event. There are shopping opportunities as well as gourmet food pavilions


Neige the Abondance Cow

Neige is the star of the international Agriculture fair this year, being the first of her breed to ever be honoured in the show. Neige was selected due to her perfect representation of the Abondance breed with her mahogany colouring and white underside of her abdomen and head.

Wildlife in Woodlands

Abondance cows are raised with both milk production in mind as well as meat, the originated in Haute-Savoie France. Best known for their milk production they make a fantastic provider of cheese since their milk is good quality, rich with protein and fat content. This breed is specifically well known for being strong and hardy which makes them excellent for withstanding variations in temperature.

Upcoming Agricultural Fairs:

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