What does it take to run a successful farm?

Determination, knowledge, experience, the right machinery and of course, efficient vehicles.

Running an agricultural business comes with a unique set of challenges. Therefore, having reliable and efficient farm utility vehicles is a must.

After struggling for a long time with worn-out vehicles, a Cheshire based farmer decided it was time for a change.

We were contacted by our client to help fund 2 new reliable and rugged all-terrain utility vehicles, allowing them to improve the farms productivity and efficiency.

After liaising with the farmer about their desired vehicles, budget and what would suit their needs, it was advised by Amplo Agricultural Finance (AAF) that the best option for them was to acquire the vehicles through a Hire Purchase (HP) agreement over a 48 month term.

We took the proposal to our extensive panel of Asset lenders in order to secure the client with the best terms for their utility vehicle finance.

It was important for our client that the process was as hassle free as possible in-order to enable them to continue running their farm efficiently. Thankfully at Amplo we have a paperless application and do all the work for you by liaising with the lender, so business can carry on as normal.

The choice to finance these new farm vehicles allowed our client to budget effectively over the term and not suffer a huge hit to their bank account by having to pay a large lump sum. They were also able to offset the interest and charges against tax and lastly, purchasing the farm utility vehicles on HP allows them to increase payments overtime to match the farms growth.

“Amplo were absolutely fantastic. They really went out of their way to make sure we got the finance we needed for the farm. Very professional and couldn’t recommend enough.” – Fred