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We can help you stay ahead with the Equipment and Machinery that your farm needs.

When farms need new machinery and equipment, it can be difficult to raise the funds to pay for it in one go without harming cash flow. That is where Amplo comes in.

What finance is available?


There are different options available to suit an individual / businesses needs. 

Hire Purchase (HP) – This is a simple way to buy an asset and spread the cost over an agreed payment term, it is best for large pieces of equipment or machinery.

The biggest differentiator of HP compared to other finance products, is that at the end of the term, you’ll regain full ownership of the asset.

Lease – A finance lease works as a rental agreement. The lender buys the asset that you need and rents it to you over the duration of the lease contract.

You would typically choose to lease if you don’t need to own the asset.

At the end of the contract you can choose to either continue renting, replace it with new equipment or sell or return the asset.

Refinance – Refinancing is a solution that enables you to raise capital for your business against the assets your company already owns.

The funds you raise through refinance can be used for a wide variety of purposes such as; paying unplanned bills, inject working capital, buy equipment that isn’t suitable for asset finance or even to close an acquisition.

farm machinery and equipment

How can we help

We can provide finance on New and Used Machinery and Equipment at competitive rates, by utilising our large panel of lenders.


Amplo can help with the purchase of:

  • Arable Equipment and Machinery
  • Soil Cultivation Machinery
  • Planting Machinery
  • Dairy Machinery
  • Cattle Equipment
  • Loader Equipment
  • Fertilising Equipment and Spreaders
  • Harvesters & Sorting Equipment
  • Agricultural Robots

How to fund specialist machinery and equipment

There are certain assets that funders simply won’t lend against. Either because it’s to specialist or it isn’t within the lenders risk appetite.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have the asset, it just means you will need to use an alternative route to finance, such as refinancing. 

At Amplo, are always happy to have a discussion about new or used machinery and equipment that your business needs and we can go through the best finance route for you. Call us on 01270 443510 or head over to our Contact Us page.

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