Expand your holdings with livestock finance.

Increasing your livestock holdings can have an instrumental effect on your business and result in increased profits. Historically, livestock has been bought through cash reserves, but livestock finance frees working capital for other areas of the business.

What livestock can we finance?

  • Dairy 

How is livestock financed?

We have a selection of lenders that will finance Dairy Cattle on a Hire Purchase agreement. 

If you have a livestock enquiry that isn’t listed it is still worth contacting us, as we can refinance any existing assets or provide a secured loan facility against land or property you own.

livestock finance

What are the benefits of livestock finance?

  • Free up cash for working capital
  • Minimal upfront costs to help with cash flow
  • Improve credit for future purchases
  • Quick decision

At Amplo, are always happy to have a discussion about your business growth plans. Call us on 01270 443510 or head over to our Contact Us page.

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What We Do

At Amplo Agricultural Finance we aim to provide a modern and creative approach to farmers who are facing an ever-changing and challenging climate. We do this through finance solutions that help you scale and grow your business.
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