Biomass Boiler

Carbon-neutral source of energy to heat your business.

Around six million tonnes of wood is wasted by being sent to landfill in the UK each year. That’s wood that’s perfectly good and could be used in biomass boilers to heat your business.

Biomass is a form of renewable energy that can help us reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.
Wood is the most commonly used source to fuel a boiler, but energy crops, food waste or industrial waste can be exploited as fuel in biomass heating.
What finance products are available?

The max term available for a Biomass Boiler is 84 months and can be financed through Hire Purchase (HP).


How much money can you save with a Biomass Boiler?


A study from Euro Energy Services shows that a medium sized office using 220kW boiler using 2,114 hours per year would pay the following:

  • Electricity: 220kW x 2,114 x 10.9p per kWh = £50,693.72
  • LGP: 220kW x 2,114 x 8.3p per kWh = £38,601.64
  • Oil: 220kW x 2,114 x 5.9p per kWh = £27,439.72
  • Gas: 220kW x 2,114 x 4.5p per kWh = £20,928.60
  • Biomass: 220kW x 2,114 x 3.5p per kWh = £16,277.80

Over a 20 year period the fuel cost of a commercial biomass boiler is around £93,000 cheaper to run than its closest competitor gas.


What are the benefits of a Biomass Boiler?


  • Biomass is considered a carbon-neutral source of energy because the same amount carbon dioxide that is released by the burning process is later re-absorbed by plants.
  • It helps with the disposal of waste wood and other materials’ waste.
  • Trees are used as fuels and are replanted to ensure a continuous supply of wood is available.
  • Large heating savings.

How the Recovery Loan Scheme can help you get a Biomass Boiler?

The Recovery Loan Scheme was introduced to help businesses that have been impacted by Covid (both a positive or negative impact).

It has also enabled lenders to fund equipment that would usually be more difficult, a Biomass Boiler being one of those.

If you have struggled accessing finance for a Biomass Boiler, or are installing one, now provides the best chance of gaining access to funding.

To learn more about the Recovery Loan Scheme, visit our page.

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